Art Off Symmes


About: Art Off Symmes, located on High St in Hamilton, is the sister store to Fairfield’s Art On Symmes.  Home to over 400 American artists, Art Off Symmes offers handmade gifts, home decor, clothing, jewelry and art to the community.  CDA designed this eclectic, 800 sq ft shop hand in hand with owner Sherry Armstead.  Salvaged architectural elements such as a metal faced sliding door and old timbers, were creatively turned into the check out counter.  Metal grates were created to hang items from in the windows and slat wall was used to allow for flexible shelving arrangements.  Prefabricated cabinets provide storage at a reasonable cost.  The new wood-look floor is in multiple stained shades and warm accent wall colors were used.  The shop has as much personality as the items it holds and the creative owner who curates this great venue in downtown Hamilton.
Design Services:  Interior renovation
Date Completed: August 2012