CDA focuses on bringing together alliances of public and private entities to support community economic development by using new and existing community assets, financing tools and creative design solutions. The new normal of today’s economy requires alliances of special skills and tools to bring revitalization and redevelopment into reality and CDA seeks out and brings together those teams to leverage projects from possibilities to success stories.  Consensus building is a skill that the Dingeldeins have used successfully throughout their careers when working with other design professionals, community planners, and stakeholders.  True alliances are the most impactful way to create successful redevelopment projects.
James Howard Kunstler, an outspoken critic of late 20th century sprawl development in America contends that there is no way to re-create or re-capture the scale of our former sprawl economy. Development, as we came to know it, is over and cannot be sustained into the future. Life in the coming 21st century will become more about living locally, focusing on being good neighbors, and finding ways to practice vocations that make you useful to your local community. He pleads that we must STOP being “consumers” and start being “citizens” of a shared effort to build our communities with obligations, responsibilities, and duties to our fellow human beings.
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